Boiler Capacity Temp. Exterior Warranty PSI Grade ETL/UL Price
VX 5000 Stainless Steel 3.5 Liter 298 Steel 2 Yr/Life 65 Commercial ETL $995.00
Sargent Steam Steel 2 Quarts 281 Plastic 1 yr/3 yr 50 Commercial UL $998.00
Ladybug Steel 1.8+1.5 293 Plastic 1 yr/3 yr 58 Commercial UL $1,299.95
Mondovap Steel 3q+2q 298 Plastic 1 yr/3 yr 66 Commercial ETL $1,695.00

Q: Do Residential Customers Need A Continuous Fill Unit!

A: No, and here’s why. Because you will probably NEVER run out of water! That’s right. Most likely, you will heat up the unit and use it to clean the project you had in mind (tile and grout, bathroom, grill, pet areas, carpet stains, etc.). More than likely, this project will take you less than an hour and then you will PUT THE MACHINE AWAY! The next time you use the machine (yes, you can leave water in it) you will add a little water before you heat it up (if you’d like). You will then do your NEXT PROJECT. And the same pattern will repeat itself again and again. So, do you see what I’m talking about? You DON’T RUN OUT OF WATER! I haven’t run out of water while using my VX 5000 once in the last 4 years!! If, on those (very) rare occasions where you have a large project and you use the machine for several hours, the low water light should go on, then you simply blast the steam out until the pressure gauge goes to zero. Slowly open the cap and put some more (hot) water in the machine. Turn it on and in about 5 to 15 minutes (depending on how much water you added), you’re good to go. Now, I ask you, is it worth it. (most cost a couple of hunderd dollars more) especially when they run WETTER than the regular machines. It’s true! Because the boiler tanks are small, they tend to run low on water quickly. Then what happens? The boiler tank calls on the reservoir tank for more water. The problem is this “new” water is cold!! So each time the reservoir tank sends water to the boiler tank, the pressure drops. Now the user must wait for the pressure to build back up before they can return to cleaning. On top of this, because the water in the tank never gets quite hot enough, the continuous fill machines tend to run “wet”. In the world of steam cleaning, running wet is not good. In addition, the pumps connecting the two tanks maybe more likely to have issues. The bottom line is that if 2 hours is not enough cleaning time for you before having to take a 15 minute break, then I’d rather hire you than sell you a steam cleaner! *
* Unless you are a commercial cleaning company that cleans nothing but tile and grout or specializing
in kitchen and bathroom cleaning. These are hard surface applications that are not affected by a “wetter” steam. I understand, “time is money” for you and your company and a continuous fill unit
may be a big plus. In that case, just give me a call. Vapor Systems LLC has another web store at, that sells professional continuous fill cleaning equipment made by the same manufacturer as the VX5000. Or simply go to

Q: Can I trust the reviews I read from the Allergy Buyer’s Club?

A: Allergy Buyer’s Club is not an independent reviewer. They are the company selling the machines that they recommend! This is like NBC Studios posting a review of “The Voice ” on line.

Q: Is it more important to buy a machine with a large boiler tank (at least 3 quarts) than it is to buy a machine with continuous fill?

A: Why? For the same reason as I explained in answer #1. The VX 5000 has a perfect size tank for your leaning needs and you will rarely, if ever, run out of water (which is no big deal anyway).

Q: Should I ALWAYS buy the COMMERCIAL GRADE steam cleaner?

A: The home rated units are much more likely to break and are manufactured to take much less wear and tear than the COMMERCIAL units. You don’t want to make the same mistake you made the first time (if you’re one of the people who bought a cheap steamer). If there is any way you can afford a commercial unit, I would pay the extra $100.00 to $200.00 and buy a quality unit. Again, please listen to my testimonials.

Q: Steve, I’m considering purchasing the VX 5000 for my home. Isn’t it a “commercial” unit?

A: Lately, approximately 70 percent of our sales have been to homeowners just like you. People are finding out what we already know to be true: commercial grade units are better made, last longer and come with more accessories. Remember, the VX 5000 is no bigger or heavier than the other units you are considering, it’s just higher quality because it has to be able to take the abuse administered to it in most commercial environments (like restaurants, hospitals and automobile detailing shops!)

Q: Steve, I’m comparing your machine to the Lady Bug, the Vapor Blitz and the Kleen JetPro Plus 2000S (and others). Why should I choose the VX 5000?

A: Thanks for asking! The VX 5000 is a commercial grade stainless steel unit with a 2 year parts and labor warranty, a lifetime warranty on the boiler (which holds over 3 quarts of water), 298 degree boiler temperature, tons of accessories (including 20 detail brushes) and 6 terry towels. It is solid, well-made and is being sent to you by a company that has been in this business for 10 years. I have thousands of customers who have paid over two thousand dollars for the exact same machine (with the exact same accessories) as you are purchasing for less than $1,000.00. Regarding the other machines, I make the following suggestion if you are considering a competing unit. Buy both and open the two boxes when they arrive. Open the boxes and compare the two machines. Send back the one which you don’t think is the better deal. If you do this and decide to return the VX 5000, I will personally return to your credit card every single penny you spent including the return shipping. Will the other companies you are looking at do this? Simply put, there is NO COMPARISON and if you buy both you will see this when you open the boxes. I have purchased both of these competing machines and I will be happy to discuss the differences with you if you call me (1-800-427-0783). Enough said.

Q: Steve, I’m hoping to do carpets and I think I might need a machine with an extractor. Any comments?

A: Yes. First of all, if your carpets are “really bad”, you should consider extraction. Either from a carpet cleaning professional or by renting a Rug Dr. But here’s the problem. Professionals or with rented carpet extractors, leave a ton of chemical residue behind on your carpets. That is why more often than not, the capet feels sticky. We’ve all noticed this, we have are carpets cleaned and they look great……for about a week! Because of all the chemical residue on the carpets, we are basiclly cleaning of the bottoms of our shoes when we walk across them. Here’s where the VX5000 comes in. Whether you’ve just had your carpets cleaned or they’re not that dirty, you can
remove the chemical residue and maintain your carpets easily. With the same motion as if you were using a vacuum. They will stay clean, deodorized, and free of allergy causing contaminants, such as dust mites, pet dander, mold and mildew. Great for area rugs, automotive carpet and spot cleaning.

Q: How does it do on HARDWOOD FLOORS? Will it harm them?

A: This is a good question and there is not a black and white answer (no pun intended). Yes, you can use the VX 5000 (or any of the steam cleaners you are looking at, for that matter) on hardwood floors and No, you should not have any problem. However, there is a risk (because we are applying heat and a damp cloth) of possibly removing some of the finish if you are not careful. By “not careful”, I mean if you stay in one spot too long or have the heat on too high (remember, you can adjust the steam level at your finger tips). This is easily remedied with a little Mop and Glo or Johnson Wax or Polyurethane. I don’t want to overstate this, because most people NEVER have to do this but I am giving you an HONEST answer (isn’t it refreshing?). Call me and I’ll answer any specific questions you may have. 1-888-831-4744

Q: What is the difference between steam cleaners and vapor cleaners?

A: Nothing. Vapor is a term used in Europe to mean “steam”. Unlike pressure washers, which are connected to a water source and tend to make a mess (they belong outdoors), “vapor systems” produce dry vapor and therefore may be used for applications where a pressure washer would not be practical.

Q: Why have vapor cleaners become so popular?

A: There are several reasons.
First, as people become more aware of the various risks associated with cleaning chemicals, they have found themselves searching for “chemical-free” alternatives.

Second, nothing cleans like heat. If you had to clean something and you were forced to choose between two alternatives, which would you choose?

1) Cold water and soap.
2) Boiling hot water and no soap.

People with cleaning experience will choose the hot water and no soap every time.

Third, vapor systems don’t make a mess. When you compare vapor steam cleaners to “pressure washers”, one thing becomes perfectly clear: if you turn a pressure washer on indoors, you will be left with more of a mess than when you started!

Fourth, safety. While high temperature pressure washers can actually cut a person’s foot in half, vapor systems in comparison are extremely safe. To be sure, vapor systems must be treated with respect and directions followed to avoid injury, most people are pleasantly surprised to learn that the steam coming out of the nozzle dissipates very quickly and that from 2 feet away is actually cool and dry!

Fifth, applications. There are a lot of things such as tile and grout floors, stainless steel kitchen equipment, walk-ins, commercial can openers, FRP walls and many more that simply cannot be cleaned by alternative measures. To people who have been frustrated by these cleaning challenges, vapor systems are like a breath of fresh (hot) air- almost like a miracle machine.

Q: What is the biggest misconception about vapor steam cleaners?

A: The biggest misconception about (vapor) steam cleaners is that most people think you turn the steam on and spray it at the surface to be cleaned, without making contact. Actually, just the opposite is true. Ninety-nine percent of the time you make full contact with the brush to the surface while steam comes out through the brush. This is why it’s important to make sure you get a lot of brushes with your system and that replacement brushes are not too costly.

Q: What is the second biggest misconception about vapor steam cleaners?

A: The second biggest misconception about (vapor) steam cleaners is that a lot of people think you turn the steam on and that it stays on for a long period of time while you clean. This is not true. The reason vapor steam cleaners are able to clean so long (up to 2 hours) with so little water (usually somewhere between a quart and a gallon), is that they are operated with an on/off procedure. The units are heated up and brought to temperature. Depending on the application, a particular brush (nylon, brass or steel of various sizes) is then affixed to the end of the nozzle. Steam is then released, usually through a trigger mechanism. The result is a boiling hot brush, which, when combined with a little elbow grease, can give mind-blowing results! However, the steam does not stay on. After a short period of time (usually less than a minute), the steam is turned off and the grease (dirt, gunk, whatever) is wiped up. While you are wiping up, the pressure is building back up for the next blast. It is through this start and stop procedure that users are able to clean for such long periods of time. Even the continuous fill machines work like this! NO steam cleaners are able to stay “on” dispensing steam continuously without being hooked up to a water source. That would be impossible, given the limited amount of water in the machines.

Q: Steve, how much does the VX 5000 weigh?

A: The VX 5000 weighs 18 pounds without water and 24 pounds filled with water. Yes, it is a little heavier than our competitor’s models, but think about it. It’s kind of like buying two tea kettles: one from Wal-Mart and one from Crate & Barrel. They both look the same in a photo. They both hold the same amount of water. They both have the same “specs”. Heck, they both make the same quality cup of tea (after all, it’s just boiling water….)! BUT, if you were to pick up both tea kettles (or vapor machines), you would CLEARLY see there is a BIG difference in the way they were made (and in how long they will last). By the way, the VX 5000 has wheels so you can pull it around anywhere you’d like (just like a vacuum cleaner).

Q: What is meant by “continuous fill”?

A: All vapor steam cleaners contain a boiler tank. These boiler tanks range in size from one to five liters and may be made out of steel or aluminum. Boiler tanks contain a heating element. Think “cappuccino machine” and you’re in the ballpark.  Meanwhile, some machines have two tanks. A small boiler tank and a second “reservoir” tank. When the boiler tank gets low, water is pumped from the reservoir tank to the boiler tank. The idea is that these companies can then claim “continuous” or “24/7” steam.
Q: What about additional brushes and accessories? I don’t see a way to order them from your webpage. What’s up with that?

A: At the time I made this webpage, I didn’t know how to get that to work (ordering brushes from this site). So instead, we just encourage people to call us to order brushes and accessories. Remember, we give you more brushes and accessories than anybody so you won’t need to call for a long time. By then, you’ll have our toll-free number right on the manual and you can call anytime. I’ll post the price list on this site soon, but suffice it to say that nothing is super expensive.

Q: Steve, I’m looking to clean my ____________________ . Will this unit do the job? (Fill in the blank- please no mention of spouses, children or pets)?

A: The answer is that some things react very well to hot steam and some things don’t react at all. You won’t know until you try. Even categories like “shower stall tiles”and “stone tiles” have a large range of results. For example if the soap scum in a shower is “fresh” (kind of gross to think about…), it should come right up. However, if it’s ancient (even grosser to think about), it will not come up. You just have to try things. In general, it will not hurt anything, although you should always try an inconspicuous spot first. It may remove wax or sealer (or adhesive) from some surfaces, but they usually can be re-applied. A good way to think about it is this- if you were to take a toothbrush and heat it up so that it was so hot that smoke was coming out of it, and then you were to apply it to the surface you are trying to clean (while scrubbing), would it work? How about if you made the bristles on the toothbrush brass? How about steel? How about if you were to try a boiling hot cloth that was so hot that you couldn’t even touch it- would that clean what you’re trying to clean?

If the answers to any of the above analogies are Yes! then you should buy one. If they are NO! you should not. It’s as simple as that. By the way, most things will clean up like new with this procedure. That’s why we sell so many units.

Q: Steve, I’m in the automobile detail business. I’ve heard that these machines (and particularly yours) work well at detailing cars. Why is that?

A: The reason the VX 5000 is so popular with automobile detailers is that it provides something that detailers desperately need- deep cleaning without deep soaking. One of the biggest challenges for the detailing industry is the fact that everyone wants their car ready quickly. Well, traditionally, detailers used to soak everything and then try to extract as much as possible. This is still the preferred method for a lot of folks, but it’s great to have an alternative that cleans carpet, mats, seats, headliners, dashboards and more without leaving everything soaking wet. Remember, this machine is commercial grade and is being used by literally hundreds of detailers. Personally, this my area of true expertise.

Q: Steve, I plan on starting my own cleaning business. Is this a good machine to start with?

A: Yes, provided that you understand that it is not the answer to everything that will come up. For example, you would not use this machine to clean entire rooms of carpet (just small stains). For that you might check out a Rug Doctor. Rather, you should view the VX 5000 as part of an arsenal of cleaning machines which you will eventually accumulate. However, if you’re looking to offer cleaning services to restaurants, hotels, schools and home, particularly in the area of tile and grout, kitchens, elevator tracks, hardwood floors and more, it’s a great place to start.

Q: Steve, do you ever sell “open box” machines? How much?

A: Yes, we occasionally get a machine back (thankfully, not very often!). We re-sell them for $895.00 plus $25.00 shipping. These machines have full warranty and look brand new (the brushes are all new). There are no returns on these machines. To find out if we have any in stock or to get on the waiting list if we don’t, please call me at 1-888-831-4744.

Q: Where is the VX 5000 manufactured?

The VX 5000 is manufactured in Italy. The better steamers tend to be manufactured in Italy. The Italians invented and profected the steam vapor process.

Q: How will I know which accessories to use for which job?

A: Our manual includes a basic “which for which” guide but it’s very simple. It’s like when you buy a vacuum cleaner and it comes with certain attachments. Which do you use for which jobs? The answer is whichever ones you want! It’s the same here, but if you need help, I’ll be happy to assist. Just call.

Q: What about all the claims that Daimer makes regarding heating elements, psi, etc.?

A: First of all, I guarantee the boiler of the VX 5000 for life for residential customers. Of all the thousands of machines I’ve sold, the number of heating elements that needed replacing could be counted on one hand. I just give the customer a new machine. Do you really think you’re going to go through the hassle of getting a heating element replaced? Regardless of the “state of the art” technology used in attaching the heating element to the boiler, if it burns out the company should just replace the machine. Do you see yourself boxing it up and finding your receipt and sending it in and then receiving a “reasonable” bill and paying it and receiving your machine back and being happy? That ‘s not reality. Regarding PSI, I invite you to take advantage of my “no risk” offer. If you are comparing the VX 5000 to ANY OTHER MACHINE, please do the following: Order both machines and pay with a credit card. (most of us offer free shipping). Open them and look at what you get and fire them both up. Make a decision as to which machine you would like to keep. I will pay for the return shipping (in the form of a $25.00 discount when you place your order by phone), so in effect you’ve gotten a chance to try the two machines you are considering buying. This is the ONLY WAY for you to be sure you are making the right decision. Even I get confused trying to compare all the websites offering steam cleaners and I’ve been in the business for almost 13 years so you have no chance without trying a couple out for yourself. Would I make this offer if I was not 100 percent confident in the outcome?

Q: What questions should I ask before purchasing a steam (vapor) cleaner?

A: Let me let you in on an industry secret, folks. Steam is steam. It’s a great way to clean, but at the end of the day, steam coming out of one machine is pretty much exactly the same as steam coming out of another. The analogy I would give is that trying to compare steam cleaners is like trying to compare tea kettles. Does one tea kettle make a better tasting cup of tea than another? No! I get asked all the time questions like “will YOUR machine clean such and such…(as opposed to that OTHER steam cleaner from Daimer or Lady Bug or whatever…)?” This is like asking which tea kettle will make a better cup of tea! It’s boiling water, for gosh sakes! If what you are trying to clean (tile floors, carpet stains or whatever) will get clean with hot steam and a brush, than it literally does not make a bit of difference which machine you are using– steam is steam. Now, that being said, there can be a huge difference when it comes to comparing the quality between steam cleaners (or tea kettles, for that matter). If you are like most people that come to my site, you probably have purchased a cheaper steam cleaner before (perhaps you bought one of those cheap infomercial units). Correct me if I’m wrong: YOU LOVED THE WAY IT CLEANED. The problem was it was a cheap piece of junk and it came with hardly any brushes, you received NO SERVICE and the darn thing broke shortly after you received it. Now you are trying to find a QUALITY steamer that will LAST A LONG TIME but you don’t want to spend too much money and you are trying to compare all the units out there so you can be ABSOLUTELY SURE you are getting the best unit at the best price. Am I right? ( I’ve heard the exact same story so many times I find myself finishing people’s sentences for them!)

Q: These are the questions you should ask before making a decision:

1) How long have you been in business? Can you prove it?

A: Sure, some new companies are terrific and some well-established companies are lousy, but more often the opposite is true. Companies that have been around the longest usually have done so by providing a decent product at a decent price with decent customer service. In the fast-moving world of the internet, many companies (as I described earlier) simply move on to “greener” pastures after selling a product for a while. What you don’t want is a disconnected phone number in a year or so, leaving you with the inability to get service or parts. Ask the company to provide you with a copy of their corporate resolution or some other government document proving when they got into this business. If it’s less than two years, run! (By the way Vapor Systems, Inc. began in 1998.) I started
in the business in 1996.

2) What is the boiler made of ?

A: I would only buy a steam cleaner with a Stainless steel boiler. We’re talking about safety here, as well as durability. Any manufacturer that substitutes an aluminum boiler for a steel boiler in order to save a few bucks is not worth doing business with. (The VX 5000 has a stainless steel boiler.)

3) How many brushes do I get (particularly the small ones)?

A: The reason this is important is because the small brushes (sometimes called “detail” brushes) are what you’re going to go through. I’ve never understood how some companies could put so much effort into promoting their steam cleaner and then have the audacity to include just one small brush! Heck, you’ll go through that just learning how to use the machine. The VX 5000 comes with a wide assortment of brushes (see photo) including 20 small brushes (10 nylon, 5 brass and 5 steel). It includes a large triangle brush, a large floor brush, 2 extender poles, both a 1-hole and a 3-hole detail attachment, a 3-inch triangle and a 3-inch round brush, an auto-fill water bottle that can be turned upside down and left to fill the machine, an easy to follow manual AND a wonderfully easy instrucional video. We also include 6 terry towels used with the easy-clip large floor brush and large triangle brush. Most people don’t need to order addtional brushes for at least a year.

 Commercial/ResidentialSmall NylonSmall BrassSmall SteelBrush Value
VX 5000Commercial1055$100.00
KleenJet 175Residential111$15.00
KleenJet 200SCommercial111$15.00
Vapor Blitz IICommercial111$15.00

Q: How long is the warranty?

A: I’d be more concerned with the first part of the warranty (parts and labor) than the second part (the boiler). When I buy a product, I want to know that if it breaks, I can get it fixed, preferably for free. Any steam cleaner should come with at least a one year parts and labor warranty. The boiler should be covered for at least five. Now, one important note. If machines are not properly maintained and cleaned nobody is going to cover them. And they shouldn’t have to. (VX 5000 warranty: 2 years parts & labor, Lifetime on the boiler)

Q: If I receive the machine and, upon opening the box I decide it’s not for me (in other words, it looks cheap), may I return it?

A: Here’s where we start to separate the quality steam cleaner companies from the pretenders. You may return our machine for a full refund. You can usually tell just by picking up the unit whether you bought a quality cleaner or a plastic piece of junk. Our testimonials tell it all. I do ask this is done in the first two weeks after delivery ( I’ve had people clean for months, then want to return when the task was complete) and returned in the original packaging.

Q: Have you (the person on the phone with you) ever used the machine for commercial purposes?

A: Again, someone at the company should be able to speak knowledgeably about the product. Ask specific questions. Are you an answering service or an employee? Have you ever used the machine? If so, can you tell me what I would do in this situation…. You’ll be amazed at what you hear! If they can’t answer questions before you buy, what’s going to happen after?

Q: Do you stock inventory right in the location that you (the person on the phone) are in?

Yes, although just a few. The reason is a simple matter of economics. For years when the machines would come in off the boat from Italy, we had them shipped to us and we shipped out to the customer. With the rising fuel prices and the cost of shipping going through the roof, we worked it out with the manufacturer to have them shipped from Miami directly to the customers, saving everyone time and money. Including the customer as well. This is why we are still able to offer free shipping.

 Q: Do you stock parts?

A: Yes! At your service center in Springfield, MO. We have anything you would ever need.

Q: What is your rating with the  Better Business Bureau ? Can you prove it?

A: This is maybe the most important question of all. I wouldn’t buy anything without checking.

And Yes, we have an A rating!Just look at our menu at the top of this page and click the BBB Rating menu option which will take you directly to our rating maintained on the BBB website.

Q: Does your steam cleaner come with a cart?    

A: We offer a custom-built optional cart with the VX 5000 for just $200.00. Approximately 30 percent of our customers order the cart. In general, commercial customers order the cart and residential customers do not.

Residential customers probably are better off without the cart. It takes up room and is probably unnecessary in a home environment. Remember, the unit always comes with wheels attached even if you don’t order the cart.

However, commercial customers should consider a cart because….

First, it keeps the machine clean and protects it from damage.
Second, it provides a nice way to make sure that all the brushes and accessories are stored in one place- with the machine!

Third, having a cart makes the odds of your steam cleaner geting used on a regular basis increase considerably. How? Simply by having everything together in one easy-to-use package. Take it a step further and plug the steam cleaner in at the beginning of each day (or shift). Leave it plugged in. The likelihood of it getting used goes way up. How do I know this? Because I’ve seen it happen time and time again!

Finally, you deserve it. Although the VX 5000 comes on wheels and is easier to maneuver than just about any other unit, having a cart just makes it such a pleasure to use. You can wheel it around without ever having to pick it up (the weight is around 18 pounds empty and 23 pounds full of water) and you always know where all the accessories and brushes are.

If I need help determining which accessory to use for a job, could you walk me through it?

Yes. Call us at 1-888-831-4744 and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Q: Will I experience “Infomercial Shock” when I open the box?

Have you ever experienced “Infomercial Shock”? That’s what I call it when you buy something off TV (or the internet, etc) and you are expecting something of very high quality to arrive and when the item finally shows up and you open the box you are looking at some light, plastic piece of junk and you slap yourself on the forehead and say “oops– burned again!” We’ve all been there– many times we don’t even return the item– we just want to put it completely out of our mind, right? Well, in the world of steam cleaners, there is a lot of infomercial shock out there. Do you really want that? I give you my personal guarantee that you will not experience infomercial shock upon receiving your VX 5000. Better yet, I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised at how durable and well made everything appears. It’s made from steel, it’s robust (but not very heavy), all the attachments connect easily and everything works the way it’s supposed to- isn’t that what you want?
So What Should I Do Now?”

First of all, please call with any questions you may have. (1-888-831-4744)

I will be happy to answer any and all questions regarding steam cleaners and I may very well recommend a competitor’s machine if I think it’s right for you.

Remember, when you do business with us, your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

Thank you very much for your time.

To place an order, click on the blue button below or give us a call.

Thanks again!


Steve Clingan

Springfield, MO.

2012 and Counting

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